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Stainless Steel Flate Bar/ Patti

Makwana Metal Corporation Are Supplyer Of Stainless Steel Flate Bar/ Patti In Grade  202 , 304 , , 316.

Our Team Of Professional Staff Offer A Personalized Service And Can Provide Custom Products For Many Configurations Shapes , Size And Grades To Meet Your Most  Challenging Custom Flate Bar/ Patti Requirements In A Cost Effective And Efficient Timely Manner.

We Supply Flate To Various Industries Like Furniture, Pharma Equipment, Kitchen Equipment,Packing Machineries, Hospital Equipment, AroPlants And Other Industry Machineries Etc.

About Flate Bar/ Patti

Any Other Size And Thickness Of Stainless Steel Flate Bar/ Patti Order As Per Requirement. 

Makwana Metal Corporation Is One Of The Top Supplier .

Contact Us With Your Requirement.

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